Alakazam Comics D&D Encounters

This week

We have two new adventurers! 

Conner – Elshenis Tamonic  Wizard Elf

Gill – Grim Kulenov - Rouge Human

Stigery has left us and is replaced by Stump – fighter dwarf

Returning we have: Brandon, Thaddeus, Pidgey, Vord, Umlaut (wood elf monk)

zepheros the giant is still in the castle

six dwarfs veterans in gaseous form attacks

Pidgey has already cast faire fire on them

stigery asks for some pixie dust…zeperos mumbles back…then attacks with his war hammer!!!

Brandon shoots one gaseous form dwarf with his short bow and hits! and then helps thad by calling out the location and best way to attack the gaseous forms

the spider turns into his human form and talks to the giant

the monk uses his fists and hits the gaseous form of the dwarfs!  Womp! he hits!

the dwarfs misting forward taking opportunity attacks from the The Sword Coast Collective

Umlot uses his Fist of unbroken arrow!  the dwarfs fail the Save…

The wizzard uses shocking grasp to attack the dwarfs.

Grim hits the dwarfs and kills it!!!

Pidgy attacks with shatter! and hits two!  THUNDER!!!

thadeous kicks some serious ass and double crits!!!

El Schiznits casts magic missle!!!

Pidgy casts hideous laughter! and the dwarf saves!!

wizard casts ray of frost!!

dwarven beard beads!

Dwarven plate

pidgy mocks the dwarf, it falls and dies!

The giant is confused and wonders wha happened?

the castle lands on the golden fields…we land by a road, a well used road…mostly wagon travel.

water deep is behind us and golden fields in about 4hr walk.

We are going there to return the cat…the smelly cat!

Thad had a strong bond with the cat

pidgy plays her flute to lure the cat.

the north furrowed trail…in the distance we see a the golden fields wall

the gate house is has two huge statues with cornucopias of food stuffs…we have a mouser to help get ride of the mice!  Pidgy persuades the guards

shalvus, though town trying to schemes about food to others and stuff

someone is attacking the western gate

we can volunteer the farming, we can go to prayer service, there have been more dragon flyinng over than normal

bustling town! 1000s of people out and about

Chanuntea with the the cournacuoupias under her arms

The inns is the vistiers welcome!

The myrous…the yetti is here.

There are some catnip seeds!

Tomato seeds…heirloom seeds..we tell them about the ice blocks…shelvous has a simlar idea about the ice travel…been there only a month or two…many of his ideas are outside the box.

Sitgery gives them a gp for the seeds.

Northfours end…stable house for up to 50 horses and it is very crowded,  huge open hall…only one spicket for the hall.

drunkenly halfing lutest horribly drunk

large flagons of beer thrown on the bar by the bar tender

all of the mugs are gorgeous…

Stigery tells him of his family…he is devastated….and thankful for the cat

pidgy plays a happy song for him.

best food ever!  very little meat…mostly fresh produce

Naxine…she is a member of the wizard class that is protecting the area

Been in town for three years of a four year stint with the lords alliance…she speaks with athority she is not going to the abby for the pray at the temple she is reading her book at the table in the inn she always focuses on the protection of the city 

Harevestome the abby, around the abby are hedges,  two bears are around the hedges outstide of the abby bears see me with the hugry bears.






Chatting with Giants

Meet Gort the Dwarven Barbarian

We captured the majority of the dripping cave.  Gort was around hunting orcs, but came to check out what was up at the cave.  He sees villagers leaving the cave.

We are headed back to town.  Stiggery laid out a spectacular plan involving creating armor and new swords and knighting folks - 

We get to town and the drawbridge is UP.  The woman Kella is there on top of the tower talking to somebody.  Morac the dwarf is angry yelling at Kella.  Drawbridge came down via negoitation 

we get in, morac and his 

We can widowed wife Allistra Olgar should be notified in Triborg.  Darthag has died.  eaten by rats.


Trading company in Triborg, we need to go there

Flying cat thing comes in, belongs to son, name is Relix

The familiar is wooed by Vord

Familiar belongs to son called Nirose, he is possibly an adventurer

Marcum is the Sherriff of Brimshadar, inform of attack, giant threat

Party takes a long rest, Plan is to go to golden fields, then Triborg, then Brimshadar.

Cloud thing, looks like wizard hat, drifting towards us, above town now

Clouds drift out underneath forming stairs, still 1000 feet in air

Firm stairs of cloud

Flat surface, see tower, and its entrance with curtain over an arch

Large table and chairs set for giants, roof is 80 to 100 feet high, no stairs, but giant hole in roof. Three flowing flames in air. From above, a giant starts descending through the hole, he seems insane, name is Zeferos.

He thinks we have a role for him, seems to be able to identify us.

We ask what crazy giant guys is here for, he has a quest, hard to talk about.

Druid is a spider, has crawled into the oculus. Books and runes are here on the shelves. Floating above the floor is a large magical orb radiating divine and arcane energy.

We might have a flying castle, giant folk are ruled by the ordaning, shattered the ordaning, the order of all the giants. Must reestablish this. Dragons stealing treasure of the giants.

Devastating action against dwarves.

2 golden

3 brim

1 triborg

We are heading to Brimshadar

Giant rambles for hours about the stone.

We set up for camp.

Giant vultures with people on them land on the cloud. Nine humans, wearing masks, helmets, giant ears, long noses. Amaratho and Novan are the names, speaking on behalf of Yon Zebin

Pirate lore, bring wind and breeze to sails. Bring tribute to giant, bag with yellow smiling face on it.

Object in bag has a smaller pouch, Zeferos seems to know what it is. Really wants what is in the bag.

Air people mount their vultures and leave.

Giant sees secret message, snorts the pixie dust and falls down.

We get to top with giant due to party members who can fly due to the pixie dust.

Giant wakes up 2 days later.

Silver dragon is flying towards us, he is carrying six dwarves, drops the dwarves, dwarves drink potions and turn gaseous.

4 out of 6 are marked with fairy fire magic, neon green

Somehow did a double crit on two dwarves.

Mud Wresting with some Ogres


Thadeous the half-orc Pirate Fighter

Vord the Druid

Dulot High Elf Wizard Whom we found entering the cave…good too we needed a wizard…badly

Brandon the Sharp of Tongue human fighter

The Party NOW has a name… "The Sword Coast Collective"

The adventure start at the entrance of the cave, the cave has a large mud pit in the center of the cave there are two ogres and assorted goblins in the cavern.  there are five exit to the cavern not including the one that the party came in from.  there are a few stalactites and stalagmites. 

The battle begins!

The half orc destroys the Ogre and a goblin…with buffs from the rouge.

The wizard joints the frey immediately, with his spell book…casting fire bold and ray of frost! 

The Druid…in bear form…claws and bites his way to victory!

In one amazing attack Thadeous cuts off both legs of the orgre!  Taking the fish pendent from him.

After defeating the ogres and the goblins in the main cavern…TSCC goes and fress the townfolk…being shown the way by a minor illiusion from Brandon.

TSCC then goes and kills the remaining goblins in the cavern including the leader goblin and his wife!

TSCC leaves the cavern with a new motto… "It takes a villiage." 


Salt n' Pepper

12 golc

Thieves tools

Holy symbol of !@#%#

magic spell scroll

Until next time






Kill the Orcs

When last we met….

We start with a wonderful breakfast.  The guards seem strangely indifferent to the townfolk.  They would like to get the dead lady back to waterdeep for burial.  We spend the morning repairing the bridge and are successful with that.  We head into town. 

We see writing on the door of the midwife's house, and go into her house – which the goblins have not destroyed.  We are open a trap.  We find a healer's kit (25 g) a potion of healing, and a religious symbol (see media).  Holy symbol of Azmodeaus (sp?)  Brandon the sharp of tounge pockets it.  Pidgey takes the potion and healing kit.  

The bear (Vord the druid) finds a goblin that is freshly killed with a crossbow bolt to the back.  He goes into the knightstone inn.  It smells and finds a goblin called Gum Gum who attacks him.  He has food and pots – he takes the cheese.  Total worth of the bag is 46 gold pieces.  Lots of damage upstairs.  Vord can smell there is a person there.  Her name is Kella Darkhope (see media).  She will come with us to help search the town.  She wants to protect and liberate the town!  She has a ring with an interesting symbol on it.  There are seven of her friends who should be here soon – by aftenoon. She is not telling us everything. 

There are looting goblins in the Lion Sheild trading post (it is a franchise).  Gilk is his name.  Brandon attacks and misses.  Thadeus kills'em.  He has lots of rope in his bag.  10gp worth of rope.  It appears the place was already looted before Gilk got there.  

Thadeus climbs up and grabs a goblin Derp.  Snigbad wants to be the boss.  Hark is the boss right now – from the caves.  About 20 of them came, many are dead.  Boss Hark is wise goblin cheif.  Orges killed them, we eat the people. Usually we eat bats.  Scariest creature is the thing on the ceiling – the stalgtite creature guards the water.  There are additional dead goblins.   

Guards are working on the drawbridge – mounted folks come up.  Theres an Irish guy, guy with facepaint, one with a goatee…. ha ha ha magnificant seven.  Lead guy has a winged snake.  We see motion in the forest.  15-30 orcs come charging out of the forest towards the drawbridge.  

We yell and guards run back in.  

Orcs look slightly beaten down – one is chief and the other looks special (likely has spell-casting).  

Some of the orcs who try to run around get hit by arrows from the forest.  Mounted elves kill a baddy.  Other orcs run away.  We loot them – war chief has a Goblin Render +1 longsword covered in runes that glows blue when goblins are around.  Giant heritage item!  Win! 

Bear comes back with a bunch of orc heads.  We are going to go get the townsfolks – we take a short rest first and have a song of rest to restore hit points.  We head up towards the cave…  (see pic).  To level three for next time!


Into Knightstone

Druid Vord (Scott), Fighter Thaddeus (Jeff), Paladin Stigery (Cody), Monk Umlaut (Jack), Bard Pidgey (Melissa) and Wizard Dimos (Phil) found their way to the City of Knightstone – only to find the city basically destroyed by roughly 3 ft diameter boulders – and abandoned with the exception of some looting goblins and some holdout military in the guard tower.  

  • One of our party (Dimos I believe?) was headed to Kightstone looking to help out Lady Velrosa (?) - who was having goblin trouble. 
  • Lady Nander (?) was killed, and the guards are looking to have her buried (somewhere) at her request.
  • Morac -> Dwarven Inn  (not sure what this means)
  • We found a piece of paper with blue sparkly stuff on it that looked like a  battle plan / map of which buildings to hit with rocks.
  • There is conflict between humans/elves/orcs/goblins in the north / territory issues
  • The chapel in the city seems to honor both Mielikki and the dawn god – I believe  – we found goblins Bito and Varg ringing the bells and happy about the looting
  • The attack was from strange colored blue giants with ornate clothing – they attacked the town from a flying castle for 2 hours and everyone fled to the north.  The giants took the "knightstone" which the town is named after 
  • The Bard got a lute!  :)
  • Most Spectacular Moment = the bridge was out and Thaddeus threw little Stigery over the moat with a rope with such finesse (nat 20) that Stigery landed gracefully as a dancer and the guards were enormously impressed.  Stigery then tied off the rope for the rest of us to cross over.  


- Teddy Bear (Thaddeus won the roll for this, but is going to share it with Stigery)
- 3 Dragon Ante cards
- Tinderbox
- Gold ring (25 gp)
- 4 copper, 3 silver
- Gold eldrich inscription
- I believe we also got something with a symbol of Mielikki on it?  from the chapel.

Our plan was to get a good night's sleep and come back as level two 





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