Alakazam Comics D&D Encounters

Into Knightstone

Druid Vord (Scott), Fighter Thaddeus (Jeff), Paladin Stigery (Cody), Monk Umlaut (Jack), Bard Pidgey (Melissa) and Wizard Dimos (Phil) found their way to the City of Knightstone – only to find the city basically destroyed by roughly 3 ft diameter boulders – and abandoned with the exception of some looting goblins and some holdout military in the guard tower.  

  • One of our party (Dimos I believe?) was headed to Kightstone looking to help out Lady Velrosa (?) - who was having goblin trouble. 
  • Lady Nander (?) was killed, and the guards are looking to have her buried (somewhere) at her request.
  • Morac -> Dwarven Inn  (not sure what this means)
  • We found a piece of paper with blue sparkly stuff on it that looked like a  battle plan / map of which buildings to hit with rocks.
  • There is conflict between humans/elves/orcs/goblins in the north / territory issues
  • The chapel in the city seems to honor both Mielikki and the dawn god – I believe  – we found goblins Bito and Varg ringing the bells and happy about the looting
  • The attack was from strange colored blue giants with ornate clothing – they attacked the town from a flying castle for 2 hours and everyone fled to the north.  The giants took the "knightstone" which the town is named after 
  • The Bard got a lute!  :)
  • Most Spectacular Moment = the bridge was out and Thaddeus threw little Stigery over the moat with a rope with such finesse (nat 20) that Stigery landed gracefully as a dancer and the guards were enormously impressed.  Stigery then tied off the rope for the rest of us to cross over.  


- Teddy Bear (Thaddeus won the roll for this, but is going to share it with Stigery)
- 3 Dragon Ante cards
- Tinderbox
- Gold ring (25 gp)
- 4 copper, 3 silver
- Gold eldrich inscription
- I believe we also got something with a symbol of Mielikki on it?  from the chapel.

Our plan was to get a good night's sleep and come back as level two 





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