Alakazam Comics D&D Encounters

This week

We have two new adventurers! 

Conner – Elshenis Tamonic  Wizard Elf

Gill – Grim Kulenov - Rouge Human

Stigery has left us and is replaced by Stump – fighter dwarf

Returning we have: Brandon, Thaddeus, Pidgey, Vord, Umlaut (wood elf monk)

zepheros the giant is still in the castle

six dwarfs veterans in gaseous form attacks

Pidgey has already cast faire fire on them

stigery asks for some pixie dust…zeperos mumbles back…then attacks with his war hammer!!!

Brandon shoots one gaseous form dwarf with his short bow and hits! and then helps thad by calling out the location and best way to attack the gaseous forms

the spider turns into his human form and talks to the giant

the monk uses his fists and hits the gaseous form of the dwarfs!  Womp! he hits!

the dwarfs misting forward taking opportunity attacks from the The Sword Coast Collective

Umlot uses his Fist of unbroken arrow!  the dwarfs fail the Save…

The wizzard uses shocking grasp to attack the dwarfs.

Grim hits the dwarfs and kills it!!!

Pidgy attacks with shatter! and hits two!  THUNDER!!!

thadeous kicks some serious ass and double crits!!!

El Schiznits casts magic missle!!!

Pidgy casts hideous laughter! and the dwarf saves!!

wizard casts ray of frost!!

dwarven beard beads!

Dwarven plate

pidgy mocks the dwarf, it falls and dies!

The giant is confused and wonders wha happened?

the castle lands on the golden fields…we land by a road, a well used road…mostly wagon travel.

water deep is behind us and golden fields in about 4hr walk.

We are going there to return the cat…the smelly cat!

Thad had a strong bond with the cat

pidgy plays her flute to lure the cat.

the north furrowed trail…in the distance we see a the golden fields wall

the gate house is has two huge statues with cornucopias of food stuffs…we have a mouser to help get ride of the mice!  Pidgy persuades the guards

shalvus, though town trying to schemes about food to others and stuff

someone is attacking the western gate

we can volunteer the farming, we can go to prayer service, there have been more dragon flyinng over than normal

bustling town! 1000s of people out and about

Chanuntea with the the cournacuoupias under her arms

The inns is the vistiers welcome!

The myrous…the yetti is here.

There are some catnip seeds!

Tomato seeds…heirloom seeds..we tell them about the ice blocks…shelvous has a simlar idea about the ice travel…been there only a month or two…many of his ideas are outside the box.

Sitgery gives them a gp for the seeds.

Northfours end…stable house for up to 50 horses and it is very crowded,  huge open hall…only one spicket for the hall.

drunkenly halfing lutest horribly drunk

large flagons of beer thrown on the bar by the bar tender

all of the mugs are gorgeous…

Stigery tells him of his family…he is devastated….and thankful for the cat

pidgy plays a happy song for him.

best food ever!  very little meat…mostly fresh produce

Naxine…she is a member of the wizard class that is protecting the area

Been in town for three years of a four year stint with the lords alliance…she speaks with athority she is not going to the abby for the pray at the temple she is reading her book at the table in the inn she always focuses on the protection of the city 

Harevestome the abby, around the abby are hedges,  two bears are around the hedges outstide of the abby bears see me with the hugry bears.








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