Alakazam Comics D&D Encounters

Mud Wresting with some Ogres


Thadeous the half-orc Pirate Fighter

Vord the Druid

Dulot High Elf Wizard Whom we found entering the cave…good too we needed a wizard…badly

Brandon the Sharp of Tongue human fighter

The Party NOW has a name… "The Sword Coast Collective"

The adventure start at the entrance of the cave, the cave has a large mud pit in the center of the cave there are two ogres and assorted goblins in the cavern.  there are five exit to the cavern not including the one that the party came in from.  there are a few stalactites and stalagmites. 

The battle begins!

The half orc destroys the Ogre and a goblin…with buffs from the rouge.

The wizard joints the frey immediately, with his spell book…casting fire bold and ray of frost! 

The Druid…in bear form…claws and bites his way to victory!

In one amazing attack Thadeous cuts off both legs of the orgre!  Taking the fish pendent from him.

After defeating the ogres and the goblins in the main cavern…TSCC goes and fress the townfolk…being shown the way by a minor illiusion from Brandon.

TSCC then goes and kills the remaining goblins in the cavern including the leader goblin and his wife!

TSCC leaves the cavern with a new motto… "It takes a villiage." 


Salt n' Pepper

12 golc

Thieves tools

Holy symbol of !@#%#

magic spell scroll

Until next time








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