Alakazam Comics D&D Encounters

Kill the Orcs

When last we met….

We start with a wonderful breakfast.  The guards seem strangely indifferent to the townfolk.  They would like to get the dead lady back to waterdeep for burial.  We spend the morning repairing the bridge and are successful with that.  We head into town. 

We see writing on the door of the midwife's house, and go into her house – which the goblins have not destroyed.  We are open a trap.  We find a healer's kit (25 g) a potion of healing, and a religious symbol (see media).  Holy symbol of Azmodeaus (sp?)  Brandon the sharp of tounge pockets it.  Pidgey takes the potion and healing kit.  

The bear (Vord the druid) finds a goblin that is freshly killed with a crossbow bolt to the back.  He goes into the knightstone inn.  It smells and finds a goblin called Gum Gum who attacks him.  He has food and pots – he takes the cheese.  Total worth of the bag is 46 gold pieces.  Lots of damage upstairs.  Vord can smell there is a person there.  Her name is Kella Darkhope (see media).  She will come with us to help search the town.  She wants to protect and liberate the town!  She has a ring with an interesting symbol on it.  There are seven of her friends who should be here soon – by aftenoon. She is not telling us everything. 

There are looting goblins in the Lion Sheild trading post (it is a franchise).  Gilk is his name.  Brandon attacks and misses.  Thadeus kills'em.  He has lots of rope in his bag.  10gp worth of rope.  It appears the place was already looted before Gilk got there.  

Thadeus climbs up and grabs a goblin Derp.  Snigbad wants to be the boss.  Hark is the boss right now – from the caves.  About 20 of them came, many are dead.  Boss Hark is wise goblin cheif.  Orges killed them, we eat the people. Usually we eat bats.  Scariest creature is the thing on the ceiling – the stalgtite creature guards the water.  There are additional dead goblins.   

Guards are working on the drawbridge – mounted folks come up.  Theres an Irish guy, guy with facepaint, one with a goatee…. ha ha ha magnificant seven.  Lead guy has a winged snake.  We see motion in the forest.  15-30 orcs come charging out of the forest towards the drawbridge.  

We yell and guards run back in.  

Orcs look slightly beaten down – one is chief and the other looks special (likely has spell-casting).  

Some of the orcs who try to run around get hit by arrows from the forest.  Mounted elves kill a baddy.  Other orcs run away.  We loot them – war chief has a Goblin Render +1 longsword covered in runes that glows blue when goblins are around.  Giant heritage item!  Win! 

Bear comes back with a bunch of orc heads.  We are going to go get the townsfolks – we take a short rest first and have a song of rest to restore hit points.  We head up towards the cave…  (see pic).  To level three for next time!




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