Alakazam Comics D&D Encounters

Chatting with Giants

Meet Gort the Dwarven Barbarian

We captured the majority of the dripping cave.  Gort was around hunting orcs, but came to check out what was up at the cave.  He sees villagers leaving the cave.

We are headed back to town.  Stiggery laid out a spectacular plan involving creating armor and new swords and knighting folks - 

We get to town and the drawbridge is UP.  The woman Kella is there on top of the tower talking to somebody.  Morac the dwarf is angry yelling at Kella.  Drawbridge came down via negoitation 

we get in, morac and his 

We can widowed wife Allistra Olgar should be notified in Triborg.  Darthag has died.  eaten by rats.


Trading company in Triborg, we need to go there

Flying cat thing comes in, belongs to son, name is Relix

The familiar is wooed by Vord

Familiar belongs to son called Nirose, he is possibly an adventurer

Marcum is the Sherriff of Brimshadar, inform of attack, giant threat

Party takes a long rest, Plan is to go to golden fields, then Triborg, then Brimshadar.

Cloud thing, looks like wizard hat, drifting towards us, above town now

Clouds drift out underneath forming stairs, still 1000 feet in air

Firm stairs of cloud

Flat surface, see tower, and its entrance with curtain over an arch

Large table and chairs set for giants, roof is 80 to 100 feet high, no stairs, but giant hole in roof. Three flowing flames in air. From above, a giant starts descending through the hole, he seems insane, name is Zeferos.

He thinks we have a role for him, seems to be able to identify us.

We ask what crazy giant guys is here for, he has a quest, hard to talk about.

Druid is a spider, has crawled into the oculus. Books and runes are here on the shelves. Floating above the floor is a large magical orb radiating divine and arcane energy.

We might have a flying castle, giant folk are ruled by the ordaning, shattered the ordaning, the order of all the giants. Must reestablish this. Dragons stealing treasure of the giants.

Devastating action against dwarves.

2 golden

3 brim

1 triborg

We are heading to Brimshadar

Giant rambles for hours about the stone.

We set up for camp.

Giant vultures with people on them land on the cloud. Nine humans, wearing masks, helmets, giant ears, long noses. Amaratho and Novan are the names, speaking on behalf of Yon Zebin

Pirate lore, bring wind and breeze to sails. Bring tribute to giant, bag with yellow smiling face on it.

Object in bag has a smaller pouch, Zeferos seems to know what it is. Really wants what is in the bag.

Air people mount their vultures and leave.

Giant sees secret message, snorts the pixie dust and falls down.

We get to top with giant due to party members who can fly due to the pixie dust.

Giant wakes up 2 days later.

Silver dragon is flying towards us, he is carrying six dwarves, drops the dwarves, dwarves drink potions and turn gaseous.

4 out of 6 are marked with fairy fire magic, neon green

Somehow did a double crit on two dwarves.



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